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USB Accessories


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The ASP collection of micro USB Accessories is designed to complement the ever expanding line of ASP Lithium-Ion rechargeable flashlights. Each charger, cord and holder is engineered by ASP to fulfill a specific need. The products are line consistent and interchangeable. Each charger fits each cord. Each cord fits each rechargeable ASP illumination tool. Each holder is compatible with each charger and cord. ASP accessories are constructed of premium materials. They are quality built to international standards of performance. Each incorporates a fit, function and feel that is uniquely ASP. Chargers add unique design characteristics such as blue light indicators to alert the user to outlets or receptacles that are not current active or capable of charging. The ASP line of micro USB Accessories incorporates the most advanced electronic components and charging technologies available. Each product is designed to be small, rugged and feature intense. They set a standard of performance that is unique in the world of professional illumination tools. Wall Chargers incorporate an easy pull finger groove that aids removal from an outlet. They are available for both US and EU receptacles. Car Chargers have a flat profile that is easily carried. Retractable Cords are robust and convenient. Micro Plugs provide a compact connection for charging. Micro Arms will recharge any ASP USB light. Used with a Sapphire USB, they illuminate a computer keyboard or reference documents.

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