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PT A-Bravo® Desert Tan (Gen 1 Multi-Vent)

PT Helmets

  • $ 40.00

PT Training helmets are used by all branches of the military, DHS, and FLETC Training Centers. Accessories seen on images optional.

Comes with:
PT A-Bravo® 6P Quick Ditch Chin Strap
2 Stage Liner
Black Zinc Phillips Bolts & Nylon Lock Nuts (no rust or popping rivets)
Strapping for Water & Air Operations
Dynamic Air Porting Keeps You Cool


Non-Restriction of Parachute Lines, Non-Choking Strap
Free Flow Water Holes – Non-Anchoring for Cast & Recovery
Emergency Quick Ditch Helmet Release
Decontaminate Oil, Blood, Chemicals, Bleach
Helmet Plastic Can Be Reshaped with a Hammer If Crushed Flat
Only Chincup that Allows Removal from Left & Right Side of face
HAHO/HALO Jump Tested 20,000ft+ TSAAS Approved
Approved for Use in “tight” Canopy & Mini Sub Compartments
Accepts MICH/ACH Accessory Components
Links MBU-12/20P & NATO Oxygen Mask, Divator/AGA Mask
Helmet Accommodates Tactical Lights, Strobes, Camo Covers, Dipping, Mods
Complete Disassembly and Reassembly in Field
Weight: 15ozs
Waterproof, Shockproof, MIL Grade.

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