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PT Beta Helmet Instructional


Instructional for PT Beta Helmet Owners


Now that you have your PT Beta helmet what do you do with it?

We are looking for all kinds of feedback from users. Whether mounting NVG equipment, action cameras, LED lighting, or any new technical schemes you come up. Now here is the disclaimer:

Any type of destruction, demolition, drilling, melting, smashing of the models is done at your own risk. You will be responsible for any dangerous testing you come up with, or any fatal occurrence of any testing as a result. What you choose to do is your choice at your own risk and we absolutely do not recommend dangerous or lethal use, or dangerous, possible lethal testing of the helmet.

Whatever idea you think would be beneficial to the military or Law Enforcement is what we are looking for as data for our next builds.




PT HELMETS® products have been developed and supplied for the most advanced Special Forces units in the U.S. Military. Most of the models you see in the market today are direct copies of our original developments. The models are made here in the USA and supplied to all branches of the U.S. Military and all Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers.

 Through painstaking process the aim is to develop superior military applications for the sole purpose of making life safer and more convenient for our brave men and women who serve this nation daily. Never forget them. That’s the job.


History -


Before the digital age new camouflage techniques were tested and adopted for use as well as new helmet and equipment applications based off Special Forces input of what the teams wanted. Platforms were developed to meet the needs of NAVSPECWARCOM and Unified Combatant Command. Naval Special Warfare Group along with Army Special Forces are always seeking innovative products for enhancing training and combat evolution.







 In the helmet category, this included new ballistic fiber composites and new plastics that were crack resistant, flexible, chemical resistant, and able to be modified and field stripped without breaking.

Military technology had surpassed the requirements of standard designs and were seeking innovators to keep up. Little had been achieved since the first plastic football helmet of 1939. The PASGT, still in use today, is an offshoot of Germany’s 1933 Vulkanfiber helmet, made from vulcanized fibre patented in 1859.

Modern ballistic models are inadequate for water operations, structural modification, and pose a multitude of technology based design flaws. Recognition of the many dilemma began the modification of all types of equipment, helmets, and accessories for military organizations.

As we progressed into more mainstream models based on broader requirements within the Department of Defense, consumers began seeing PT Helmets stamping in the interiors of the products. The brand name was then molded into the shell of the helmet, which stood us apart as a globally recognized brand, although our focus has always been Military personnel.

PT Helmets® original platform was designed for High Speed Low Drag units to keep operators cool in high heat climates and grueling training. Minimize chafing and stress while maintaining the advantage of linking Night Vision and Communication devices to the helmet was the goal.

Naval Special Warfare Group and Special Boat Teams were supplied with multiple application platforms to get the mission done and Red Teaming naturally extended to aerial operations for surveillance and reconnaissance craft that provided direct intelligence to ground troops in theater.

Out of these multiple configurations a more mainstream training system was developed that would meet Nuclear facility regulations, Military & LE Training Centers such as FLETC, infantry ground pounders, and high risk construction operations. The platform was also designed at a fraction of competitor cost which saved the tax payer and enormous amount of money over the last decade.


Data -

All test data and modification ideas on padding, suspension systems, and accessories sent to us will be permanently archived. Any selection of use of any ideas will be credited to the individual(s) who have sent in the data. Any individual criteria selected based on their idea or data will receive a constructed proto-type of a model at no cost with signatories from product developers for recognition.




Please understand, any video you upload to youtube or video sites about the Beta model will be advertising a product the population probably can’t get. Once Beta models are sold out – that’s it, they will be gone forever. We are concerned with feedback ONLY from Beta owners, not people trying to buy the model you are testing.

Furthermore, people will ASK US thousands of questions about data you are posting on the web, about a helmet the population cannot receive. Please do not make our job more difficult by confusing the population and adhere to the guidelines set forth.


Video Upload Guidelines:

If you are going to upload any videos, or data you must provide a link to the original source of the model. This will insure the people viewing your data can go directly to the only legitimate internet source to view actual data, or purchase an original, non-duplicated PT Beta model.


Loading test videos or tutorials about the Beta model online can cause confusion about models that are already in the marketplace and we would like to avoid that.

Your video data is prohibited from calling the PT Beta helmet anything other than the data listed here, or from the original source of the helmet at link above.

The PT Beta helmet IS NOT a PT A-Bravo® helmet. Yes it is very similar, but not the same model distributed to the Defense Logistics Agency, so do not call it such.

The PT Beta helmet IS NOT a Pro-Tec helmet. Pro-Tec is a separate brand, made in China for skateboarders and bicycle use.

The PT Beta model IS NOT our new model for 2018 - it’s a Beta test model only.



Name of Product: PT Beta model

Country of Origin: MADE IN USA


Comes with:
PT A-Bravo® 6 Pt. Chin Strap / PT A-Bravo® SWIFT Liner
Black Zinc Phillips Bolts & Nylon Lock Nuts

Strong 500lb Strapping for Water & Air Operations
Dynamic Air Porting
To Keep You Cool
Non-Cracking Plastic for Drilling & Custom Applications

2 Year Warranty
Non-Restriction of Parachute Lines, Non-Choking Strap
Free Flow Water Holes – Non-Anchoring for Cast & Recovery
Decontaminate Oil, Blood, Chemicals, Bleach
Helmet Plastic Can Be Reshaped with a Hammer If Crushed Flat
Water Proof Liner is Anti-Flammable, Anti-Bacterial, Non-Toxic, Chemical Resistant
with ACH-ARC, Bolt Mounted Rail Systems
Accepts MICH/ACH Accessory Components
Helmet Accommodates Tactical Lights, Strobes, Camo Covers, Dipping, Mods
Complete Disassembly and Reassembly in Field
Weight: 15ozs: Waterproof, Shockproof, MIL Grade.


Links to uploading your test data or videos to will be emailed directly to you, the Beta Owner, and posted on the site for Beta Owners. You can also email your data, pdf, or forms to:


Please keep in mind for the Beta Team to remain sane:





In conclusion, PT Helmets® does not want mass confusion with other brand models in the market, so please adhere to the guidelines and do not display inaccurate information. Any Beta owner caught violating the request will politely be asked to remove publicized content. Refusal to do so will result in being banned from participating in the project for the obvious reasons listed above.

PT Beta participants will also receive a coupon code for 20% off any PT Helmets® models throughout 2018 and eligible for all random giveaways and raffles all year for your help in this project.

You can see many versions of helmets and systems that were developed over the years by searching the internet term PT Military Helmets.


 It has been over seventy years since the first introduction of plastic helmets - the next evolution is here!

Thank You for Participating Beta Owners!

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