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Argo Headlamp Argo Powered by 3 "AAA" alkaline batteries; LED battery life indicator, C4 Power LED technology,impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime, Three (3) digitally controlled brightness levels: High: UP to 1,300 candela (Peak Beam Intensity) and 56 lumens measures system output. Medium: Up to 575 candela (Peak Beam Intensity) and 25 lumens measured system output. Low: Up to 250 candela(Peak Beam INtensity) and 11 lumens measured system output. Run Time" High" 7 hours continuous Run Time Medium: 12 hours continuous Run Time Low: 20 hours continuous Run Tim, 9 degree tilting head, Including elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap, Height:2.15" Width2.9" Diameter:2.25" Weight:4.75oz Color: Yellow with alkaline batteries Rubber & Elastic straps

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