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  • $ 77.60

Whether you are casually dressed or in business attire, our compact carrying case may be your best plan for defense.

Masquerading as a day planner, the Defense Planner™ opens to reveal a handgun and spare ammunition. Made from the same fine leather as our holster handbags, it’s padded to prevent "printing." It features a nickel zipper pull and a removable wrist strap for security. The holster and magazine loop are elastic to accommodate handguns of varying sizes.

Made to fit most compact defensive handguns, the Defense Planner is available in black or brown and is ambidextrous. Dimensions are 8 1/4" L, 6 1/2" W.

See approved fit list by using “Holster Search By Gun Model" to confirm your Gun fits. Or call.

This is a holster only; it allows you to carry a firearm concealed in what looks like a planner. It is not a functioning planner.

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