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DPx HEFT 6 Woodsman, Serrated


  • $ 165.00

The six-inch DPx H•E•F•T, or Hostile Environment Field Tool, is for the big tasks. For expeditions, long range hunts, and big jobs. The meaty feel of a Sleipner tool steel blade in a DPx Gear, field-designed frame is hard to replicate. This brutal-use blade is designed for no-compromise, all-day, all-week hard work. The six-inch blade is made of Sleipner steel, a chromium-molybdenum-vanadium alloyed tool steel that boasts extreme reistance to wear, resistance to chipping, edge retention, hardness (60 HRC), and excellent “toothiness” in repetitive, fine cutting. The work blade comes with an integrated striker pommel, bottle opener/pry bar, lanyard hole and lashing point. A perfect combination of size and utility. The ergonomic handle is designed for hours of intense camp work or combatives without blisters or bruising. The chunky scales are solid, balanced and hide a storage compartment. Patent Pending Blade is Sleipner steel with a stone-washed finish Hollow handle with 304 hybrid slotted/Allen screws Integrated striker pommel, pry bar, lanyard hole and lashing points Brazilian Santos hardwood scales Italian leather oil-tanned sheath Lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty Designed by Tommaso Rumici & Rober t Young Pelton Made by LionSTEEL® in Maniago, Nor thern Italy

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