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KIT#2--1 EA-MS/BR/TBK Tactical Entry Kit #2 including one each: DE-MS/-BR/-TBK Black DE-MS MONOSHOCK RAM The flagship of the Dynamic Entry tool line Expert breacher's ram of choice Non-sparking and electrically non-conductive to 100,000 voltsAC Semi-flex handle system absorbs most of the impact stress Unique design allows for maximum forcefrom a lighter weight tool DE-BR BREAK -N- RAKESpecifically engineered for window entries Head constructed of carbon steel Reinforced laser cut hook effectively removes curtains, blinds and other obstructions,Serrated blade aids in removing glassand window tines Three 12 raking fins designed toclear glass and other debris left in the window frame D-Handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC DE-TBK TACTICAL BACKPACK KIT (INCL. DE-SOHT, DE-TM, DE-BM AND 60ME00BK) The standard for most breaching operations Features a Boltmaster, a choice of either a Thundermaul or Mini ThunderSledge, and a Spec. Op. Hallagan Tool orSpec. Op. Breacher Constructed of 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon and heavily padded with closed cell foam, the backpack has pouches and retention straps for each tool and fully adjustable chest and waiststraps

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