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PT A-Bravo Seven Point Chin Strap

PT A-Bravo Seven Point Chin Strap

PT Helmets

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The PT A-Bravo® 7 Pt Quick Ditch Helmet Strap is the first of it’s kind as an all around training helmet system compatible with oxygen and scuba masks. The unique seven point adjustment insures fit for any head type, making the system ideal for fitting recruits in multi-sharing training environments. The key feature of the 7P as opposed to dial-liner adjustments is the operators ability to finely adjust the helmet to different training requirements that use multiple applications, such as Night Vison, Scuba/Oxygen, and Headset Communication Ground, and Air systems.

Key Features:

  • First Chin Strap to be Adjustable at Seven Points to Fit All Head Types

  • Emergency Ditch Chin Cup for Water, Air & Ground Operations

  • MILSPEC 500lb Break Strength Nylon

  • Salt Water Proof Material

  • Quick Size Adjustment For Training Evolutions

  • Reversible Chin Cup For Short/Long Chins

  • Rubber Nape Pad Replaces Inferior Cloth/Leather Material

  • Easily Remove Chin Cup For Oxygen and Scuba Mask Linkage

  • Approved for Use in Tight Air Operations & Mini Sub Compartments

  • Complete Disassembly and Reassembly in Field


PT A-Bravo® 7P Quick Ditch Feature:

The Quick Ditch feature allows an operator to completely remove the chin cup at 2 points, which detaches the helmet from the users head. In water operations, this feature allows the helmet to float to the surface for recognition of distress. In air operations this allows a user to remove an entangled helmet. In ground operations a PT A-Bravo® helmet tethered to a backpack can breakaway left, or to the right depending on the operators shooting position. The PT A-Bravo® 7P QDS Helmet Strap is the only helmet strap system that allows an operator to detach the helmet by grabbing from either side of the face to avoid weapon repositioning in crucial time managed situations.

PT A-Bravo® 7P Quick Size Feature:

Helmets must be donned on/off quickly in training evolutions and the 7P chin slide adjustment allows an increased, or decreased head size change directly at the chin by simply sliding a male clip in the chosen position. This allows an operator to quickly adjust a helmet to accommodate neoprene hoods in water use, night vision applications, and communication headsets.

Unlike dial-liners, the 7P has no internal parts that can be damaged and rust, or dangerous cable wires that can entagle and disfigure an operator. The 7P can be completely disassembled in the field and removed from the PT A-Bravo® Helmet for accepting chin strap fittings of MICH/ACH ballistic models.

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