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Tactical Deluxe Gunshot-Trauma Kit


  • $ 125.75

The tactical Deluxe Gunshot/ Trauma Kit is ?s latest addition to our tactical product line. This invaluable kit could save your life as well as your partner?s, victims or patient?s life. Whether the emergencies are a knife assault, gunshot, home injuries, or a traffic accident the kit, which includes Quick Clot, Tactical (Israeli Style) trauma dressing and the New M.A.T. Tourniquet (Rated #1 by rescue professionals) can stop or control bleeding in seconds. Quick Clot quickly forms a powerful clot that can be easily applied to yourself or to others. The deluxe gunshot/trauma kit comes in a 6"x 6" Molle Pouch. The kit is a true lifesaver and a must have in tactical/medical emergencies. The tactical Deluxe Gunshot/ Trauma Kit Includes: 1 - Quick Clot -25g Sponge 1- New M.A.T. Tourniquet 1- Tactical (Israeli style) Trauma Bandage 1 - Deluxe EMT Shears 1 - Asherman Chest Seal 4 - Nitrile Gloves 1 - 3"x 9" Vaseline Gauze 1 - 3" Sterile Conforming Bandage 2 - 5"x 9" Abdominal Pads 10 - 4"x 4" Sterile Pads 4- Antimicrobial Hand Wipe

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